Sistema Kalinka - Textbook 3 - Level B1 (ebook)

ebook + audioLevel B1190 pages  |  Audio: 80 mins.

The best textbook to learn and teach Russian.

Sistema Kalinka is a step-by-step learning method. This is book 3, designed for intermediate students. You will enrich your vocabulary and learn to use new expressions with confidence. You will have a clear and structured idea about the Russian language and will be able to speak about many different topics using real Russian.

This book is divided into 10 lessons, with the following sections: Vocabulary (with audio), dialogues (with audio), text (with audio), grammar and exercises (with solutions). The book has 190 pages and includes 80 minutes of audio.

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Take advantage of our experience. We are Red Kalinka, the largest Russian school in the world, and you can now learn or teach Russian with our exclusive method: Sistema Kalinka. These textbooks are written only in Russian, so they can be used by both teachers and students from all over the world. Each textbook is the perfect source of texts and dialogues with audio, and adapted to a specific level. In addition, each grammar concept is gradually introduced, helping students improve naturally and easily.

The book "Sistema Kalinka 3" consists of 10 units. Each lesson includes vocabulary lists (with audio), texts (with audio), dialogues (with audio), grammar tables and exercises (with solutions). Here you can read and listen to some samples:

Listen to samples of this book:

Listen to a sample: Dialogue

Listen to a sample: Vocabulary

Listen to a sample: Text

Sistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sample


These are the general contents of this book:

Grammar contents. Improve your ability to use different grammar structures:

  • A comprehensive review of all cases. Usages and structures for intermediate learners.
  • Verbal aspect analysis: perfective / imperfective verbs with and without prefixes.
  • Usage of prepositions in different cases and contexts.
  • Verbs of motion in any context and tense.
  • Use of Russian cases with any combination of pronouns, nouns and adjectives.
  • Different meanings of verbs depending on their context.
  • The degrees of comparison of adjectives and adverbs.
  • Usage of short and long adjectives.

Vocabulary contents. Improve your knowledge and reach a vocabulary of 1500-2000 words:

As an intermediate learner, you will go beyond the basic vocabulary and learn more specific words, adapted to your level. You will improve your general knowledge of Russian vocabulary in a wide variety of contexts.

Among the different topics dealt with in this book, you will find:  shopping, working life, holidays, family, children, personal appearance, everyday life in a city, art, nature, health and more.

Learn and teach Russian anywhere

These learning materials come in pdf format and are compatible with any device (PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, tablet, ...). They include professional recordings in mp3. You can listen to the audio while reading the lesson, or you can play the mp3 recordings on your phone or audio player and listen to it anywhere.

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