"Sistema Kalinka" / dictionary upgrade: "From ebook to paper book"

Have you bought the ebook version of our dictionary or any "Sistema Kalinka" textbook? Would you'd like to have them in paper format? You only have to purchase this "paper book upgrade". Simply follow these steps:

  1. Add this upgrade product to the cart as many times as needed(*)
  2. After making your purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  3. Answer the confirmation email saying which paper book(s) you'd like to receive (so we know what books we have to send to you).
  4. A small flat rate will apply for worldwide delivery.
  5. Relax and wait for the delivery

(*)For example if you bought one of our ebooks in the past and now you want the paper edition, you only have to buy this upgrade once. If you have bought two ebooks in the past and now you want them in paper, you have to buy two upgrades.

Do you want to upgrade other ebooks? If you wish to upgrade other ebooks (for example "Stories in easy Russian" or "Exercise books", you need to use this upgrade

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