For Russian teachers: Level A1 complete (20 lessons)

Are you a Russian teacher? Do you need learning materials to teach Russian? Take advantage of our experience teaching Russian and let your students learn with the best materials. This pack includes the teaching materials of all 20 lessons of level A1 (beginners). Each lesson includes:

  • Vocabulary lists (with audio)
  • Dialogues (with audio)
  • Texts (with audio)
  • Grammar
  • Exercises
Books in pdf format with mp3 audio

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Are you a Russian teacher? Do you need learning materials to teach Russian? Take advantage of our experience teaching Russian and let your students learn with the best materials.


After teaching over 100.000 individual lessons, we have used our experience to develop this method to learn and teach Russian. As a Russian teacher, you can use it to teach your students.

Level A1 consists of 20 units. Each lesson includes vocabulary lists, texts, dialogues, grammar tables and exercises. And also you will have audio files with the recordings of the vocabulary, texts and dialoagues sections. Here you can read and listen to some samples:

Listen to a sample of Level A1 (Dialogue)

Listen to a sample of Level A1 (Vocabulary)

Listen to a sample of Level A1 (Text)

Russian course sample Russian course sample Russian course sample Russian course sample


These are the general contents of the whole level A1 (beginners):

Grammar contents. Your students will learn the most basic concepts of Russian grammar:

  • Your first verbs in present and past tense.
  • Gender in Russian: masculine, feminine and neuter.
  • Number in Russian: singular and plural.
  • The nominative case of nouns, adjectives and possessive pronouns.
  • Personal pronouns in nominative and accusative.
  • The prepositional case: usage and endings.
  • Further learning of verbs in the present and past tenses.
  • All endings of adjectives in the nominative case.
  • First adverbs and question words.
  • The use of accusative with a motion.
  • Special uses of the accusative and prepositional.
  • Irregular verbs and nouns
  • Demonstrative pronouns and prepositions.
  • The accusative case used as direct object.
  • Imperative forms of verbs.
  • Singular endings of the prepositional case.
  • Pronouns in the dative to express tastes and age.
  • The prepositional case and special usage of prepositions.
  • Introduction to the instrumental case.
  • Introduction to the use of cases with numbers.
  • The verb in the future tense.

Vocabulary contents. Your students will learn 200-300 new words about the following topics:

  • Introductions, greetings and farewells.
  • Friends and family.
  • Professions and workplace.
  • Nationalities and countries.
  • Describing your home town.
  • Your first numbers.
  • Days of the week and time.
  • More vocabulary regarding descriptions.
  • Language and language skills.
  • Daily activities and meals.
  • The numbers from 10 to one million
  • Colours and descriptions.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Clothing and footwear for men and women.
  • Parts of the house, furniture and buildings.
  • Months, seasons and weather.
  • Body parts. Going to the doctor.
  • Means of transport.
  • Summer and winter activities.
  • Other basic vocabulary.

Unit contents. This course is structured in the following units:

  • Unit 1: Hello student
  • Unit 2: This is my friend
  • Unit 3: My family
  • Unit 4: Professions
  • Unit 5: I am Russian, and you?
  • Unit 6: Languages
  • Unit 7: Days of the week and time
  • Unit 8: A difficult lesson
  • Unit 9: What are you doing?
  • Unit 10: My day
  • Unit 11: I have everything!
  • Unit 12: Food and groceries
  • Unit 13: Clothes and shoes
  • Unit 14: My apartment
  • Unit 15: My city
  • Unit 16: How old are you?
  • Unit 17: The weather
  • Unit 18: I'm going to the hospital
  • Unit 19: Plans for the holidays
  • Unit 20: I'm going to the restaurant

Ready to use lessons (with audio)

Each of our lessons include enough materials for 2-4 hours of teaching. It also has professional audio for every text and dialogue. These lessons are graded by level (A1, A2, B1,...), so you can choose the materials that best suit your students. Each lesson contains:

  1. Vocabulary lists.
  2. Dialogues and texts with audio.
  3. Grammar tables.
  4. Exercises with solutions.

Learn and teach Russian anywhere

These learning materials come in pdf format and are compatible with any device (PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, tablet, ...). They include professional recordings of each dialogue in mp3. You can listen to the audio while reading the lesson, or you can play the mp3 recordings on your phone or audio player and listen to it anywhere.

Data sheet
Level A1
Table of levels

Do you want to learn Russian properly? In order to achieve that, you need the right learning materials. All our books, courses and products are graded by level, to help you choose. The following table shows a description of each level:

A1 First steps: Very short sentences and simple topics. You will find the most basic possible verbs, nouns and cases.
A2 Basic: The vocabulary is a bit wider and the sentences are a bit longer, but still using basic verbs, nouns and cases.
B1 Intermeditate: Longer sentences with more tenses and cases. The vocabulary is a bit more complicated.
B2 Uper-intermediate: Sentences are sometimes complex. Vocabulary is wide. It’s getting closer to an advanced level.
C1 Advanced: For learners with very good knowledge of Russian. Advanced vocabulary and difficut verbs. Sometimes we use idioms and complicated expressions.
C2 Expert: For learners with very deep knowledge of Russian. Sentences and vocabulary are very advanced, with complicated structures and meanings.

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