Russian Numbers: Learn to master them (beginner - advanced) (ebook)

ebookLevel A2-C2

This is an ESSENTIAL book. Learn to master the Russian numbers in all possible uses, thanks to this book with 24 tables and 600 questions + answers. You will find everything you need for beginners and advanced students:

  1. Use of cardinal, ordinal and collective numbers
  2. Tables for all cases, genders, contexts,... 24 tables in total.
  3. Explanations for reading dates, telling time, doing calculations,...
  4. Tips for Beginners and Advanced Students
  5. Exercises: More than 600 questions answered at the end of the book.

600 questions to practice using Russian numbers.

Book in pdf format

EBOOK: This book comes in pdf format.
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Do you think that practice is the best way to learn a language? Our exercise books will help you improve your Russian on the most important topics of Russian grammar. This book will help you master the Russian numbers for all levels includes explanations regarding all types of numbers, very useful tables, tips and more than 600 questions and solutions.

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Tables + exercises + solutions

You don't want to spend much time with explanations and want to start practicing as soon as possible. That's why our exercise books contain... exercises. To help you with the tasks, we include grammar tables with very useful explanations. And, of course, you will find the solutions to every exercise:

  1. Grammar tables with useful explanations.
  2. Over 600 questions to solve in each book.
  3. Solutions to every exercise.
  4. Graded by level.

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Take our books with you. They come in pdf format and are compatible with any device (PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, tablet, ...).

Data sheet
Format Digital / eBook
Level A1-A2
Audio Book without audio
Table of levels

Do you want to learn Russian properly? In order to achieve that, you need the right learning materials. All our books, courses and products are graded by level, to help you choose. The following table shows a description of each level:

A1 First steps: Very short sentences and simple topics. You will find the most basic possible verbs, nouns and cases.
A2 Basic: The vocabulary is a bit wider and the sentences are a bit longer, but still using basic verbs, nouns and cases.
B1 Intermeditate: Longer sentences with more tenses and cases. The vocabulary is a bit more complicated.
B2 Uper-intermediate: Sentences are sometimes complex. Vocabulary is wide. It’s getting closer to an advanced level.
C1 Advanced: For learners with very good knowledge of Russian. Advanced vocabulary and difficut verbs. Sometimes we use idioms and complicated expressions.
C2 Expert: For learners with very deep knowledge of Russian. Sentences and vocabulary are very advanced, with complicated structures and meanings.

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