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Russian online exercises 

We have developed a great tool to improve your Russian. Our Russian online exercises are more than just tests. You can choose your level, the topic you want to practice and all your progress is recorded so you can keep track of your improvement.

  • Thousands of questions: different levels and topics, so you can choose what you want to practice.
  • Instant correction: after you finish a test you'll know the results. 
  • Progress bar: your progress is recorded in our databases. So, every time you log into your exercises, you will see which ones you have passed, which ones you need to repeat, and which ones you haven't taken yet.
  • 7,90 € In stock
    Learn and improve your Russian with our online exercises. Pay a small monthly subscription (less than 2 euros a week) and you will have access to a private area with these features:. Over 7,000 questions with different levels and topics. You can choose your level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can choose the type of...